Summer is here and that means lots of time with family and friends. This summer, we are giving you the rundown on ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer, both in and outdoors. These are activities that will be fun for the entire family all summer long!

1.     Day at the beach – regardless of age, a day at the beach is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Sand castles, beach volleyball, and time in the ocean are key to a successful day in the sun.

2.     Ice cream shops – at the end of a long day in the sun, take the time to arrange a family outing to your local ice cream or water ice shop. It’s a fun activity and a tasty one J.

3.     Swimming lessons and the pool – spending time near the water is a great way to cool down from the summer heat and also teach the kids how to start swimming.

4.     Family movie night – after spending the day outdoors or once the kids get home from camp, enjoy a family movie night either in your house or in the theatres to wind down from the day or week.

5.     BBQ – there is no better occasion to BBQ than in the summer. Congregate neighbors, friends, and family for watermelon, hot dogs, and hamburgers and enjoy a low-key summer night outdoors.

6.     Weekend trips – plan a weekend trip to get out of the suburbs and into nature with the family. You can go to a lake or a beach nearby by car or explore a more exotic getaway, as well!

7.     Summer camp – kids enjoy time outdoors connecting with others their age and taking a break from school to play and have fun. Explore day or overnight camps where the children can play sports, learn songs, and explore!

These are just a few starters but these activities are sure to keep the family excited, energized, and active all summer long. Enjoy the time with family & friends!

AuthorMelissa Scott