When you are buying a new home, there are often many options at your fingertips when it comes to how to buy, and who to buy from. AT JS Homes, we strive to help ease that process and make it as simple and manageable as possible. For us, prospective home buyers are our biggest priority and we hope to do all we can to make things easier.

In a world that is increasingly leaning into bigger and broader companies and customer service experiences, at JS Homes we are at the core a local, family builder. We will always continue to bring a personal touch to each of our sales and each of our relationships with potential buyers and our employees will work in close partnership with you to ensure that you find a home that is custom-fit to you and your family’s personal needs.

Because we are a family company, our owners know better than anyone the need for purchasing a home that is big enough for a family to grow into and we make that a priority in each of the homes that we build. We have roots in the local Delaware community working with contractors and suppliers to restore neighborhood pride. Our people take care of us and we take care of them.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on a fair value proposition for all of our new buyers, always striving to create efficiencies and come to market with a price that is reasonable while still providing the high-quality value you deserve. Our homes have more square footage per dollar in every home than any other builder.

Join the JS Homes Family and move into your new home today!

AuthorMelissa Scott