When the seasons start to change, it often gives us reason to pause and think about shifts we can make to our homes that sync up with the changes in the weather. Spring cleaning for the home can often come in two forms – tending to the inside of the home as well as the outside. To help simplify things for you and your family during this time of year and ensure you’ve hit all the essentials, we have compiled a checklist of things to do to spring clean your home both inside and out.

- Dusting is a great first step. Take the time to do a deep-clean and dust all the areas you may not have paid attention to during the winter months. Move furniture to make sure you hit all the large spaces and also the nooks & crannies.

-  Wash the windows and wipe down the windowsills both inside and outside of the house.

-  Set your oven to self-clean and do a detailed scrub of your stovetop, making sure to get the corners of the burners and dials.

-  Since you will be spending more time outdoors, take the opportunity to wash out all trash cans on the exterior of your home.

- Now that the cold has subsided, do a check around the house for any leaks or drafts, both form the inside and the outside of the home. Take a close look for chipped paint or water spots.

-  Clean out the refrigerator, disposing of anything that has been sitting for a long time without use. Clean out the drawers and shelves with soap and water. Do the same thing to the pantry, reorganizing and trashing anything that has expired.

-  Give a heavy scrub to your bathroom shower, sink, and toilet and refresh the medicine cabinet with any allergy medications, sunscreens, first aid supplies, and other seasonal toiletries that you may need to stock up on for the months ahead.


- Sweep the garage, porch, and outdoor furniture to remove cobwebs, small trash, and dust.


-  Do a big shop at the store to load up on BBQ essentials, spring/summer groceries, and any storage or container needs that will arm you for the warm months ahead.


-  And, most importantly, enjoy some valuable time with family and friends in the nice weather! 


AuthorMelissa Scott