For new homeowners, one of the most exciting parts of moving into a house is the decorating that comes along with the space. Setting up the kitchen, family room, and bedrooms is always top-of-mind. It can feel like a lot of pressure to think through the home’s décor and how these living spaces will look together as one cohesive unit.

 One of the often-overlooked spaces to decorate, which in many cases is a lot less stressful and a lot more fun than some of the higher-profile areas, is the bathroom. One of the smallest spaces in the home for sure, but definitely one of the most inventive areas to get creative! Here are a few thought-starters to consider as you think through ideas for to bring this small space to life in a big way.

Vintage Look & Feel

The bathroom is a great space to use for experimentation, especially when it comes to really focusing in on the details. When you’re working with a smaller space, you can spend time really maximizing on each and every element that you’re incorporating into the décor and design. Bring some vintage vibes into the area by decorating with some antique-like accessories and other little touches, which can go a long way in making the space feel chic and comfortable. Think perfume bottles, vanities, etc.! You can even rework and refurbish some of these pieces in a cost-efficient way to make them feel truly your own.

Making a Splash

The biggest area of opportunity for making a real impact in the bathroom lies in the bathtub and shower. Getting this right can make all the difference for peacefulness and comfort in a space that is all about getting ready, feeling your best, and stealing away little moments of indulgence. Think about what you and your family will appreciate the most—maybe a shower with a small seat, or a claw-foot tub to enhance the bathing experience. Make sure you stay stocked with all the essentials for a full pampering experience (and a nice speaker system never hurts!).

The DIY Touch

The bathroom is also a great place to toy around with DIY projects. Use this as a testing ground to get inventive with bringing the classic essentials to life. Creative mirror décor is one area that you can really play around with in a fun way. Frame up the mirror with reclaimed wood or mosaic tiles. You can also find some unsuspecting objects to use as accessories (e.g. shell for soap dish, fun mug for makeup brush holder, and so on).

Bring Out the Bold

Bright and bold colors is another fun approach for a bathroom, especially when kids are involved. Colorful wallpaper, fuzzy bath mats, and bath toys can help turn bathroom experiences into sensorial moments of learning. Make the bathroom a little more playful so the kids don’t see getting ready for the day in the morning or for bed at night as a chore, but instead enjoy the time spent.