Buying a new house is stressful in itself. But once you have the house, turning it into a home is a process within itself. When thinking about style, décor, and furnishings, it can be overwhelming to decide on a theme or direction to use as your “north star”. Looking for an simple way to ease that process? Consider the hottest seasonal trends for new homeowners. If you’re buying a house this fall, here’s a quick overview on some of the most popular trends for homes this season.

Nothin’ But Neutrals

Neutrals are having a big moment this fall. Colors that were once boring or seemingly mundane are now carrying through the home to spark a real design flare. Shades of nudes, tans, and grays offer great diversity and endless options when applied throughout the home. You can play with different combinations to bring this to life in a truly unique way. What was once about color and contrast is now about texture and shape.

The DIY Look

Customization and curated design is another big trend this fall. It’s not about price tags or perfection, just about finding unique pieces that you like and making them work well together. Gallery walls are a big trend this fall, and they’re great because they are completely customizable. Flea market finds and quirky accessories help bring this look to life in a personalized way. You can also take some pride in displaying one of your favorite collections in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way.

Plaid Is It

Plaid is a fall pattern through-and-through and this year it’s showing up in a big way. There is a lot you can do with plaid: keep it to the accents for a pop of pattern, or blow it out into a big theme that extends throughout a room or even the whole house. Plaid can be standard or plaid can be outside the box; think about mixing plaid with other patterns or introducing a contemporary take on the classic plaid (e.g. with bold colors) to add a modern feel.

Black But Bright

Another fun trend that is easy to apply and adds a little boldness to your home – bright colors on black. Keep things basic with black but add a pop of color with some bright accessories. This also does wonders in bringing the accents to life. Bold graphic patterns are another way to bring this into the décor.

Keeping It In Check

Last but not least, what is most important when decorating a home and especially when looking to the latest trends for guidance) is keeping it balanced. It’s always great to take a nod from what’s hot right now but you want to ensure that whatever you do to your home stays timeless.