When it’s back-to-school time of year, the whole family feels it. School supplies, textbooks, and orientations are all in the routine for helping the kids prepare for the new year and keeping everyone organized. But, one often overlooked detail of getting back-to-school ready is the prep work needed to equip your home! It’s important to make sure that not only are the kids ready with the essentials for class, but that their home is also ready for study sessions, nightly homework, and tutor time.

Dedicated Study Area or Room

To make sure that your kids are able to maximize productivity, it’s important to dedicate an area of your house, or a room, to their homework and study needs. Set up a space for them to use so that they won’t be distracted by the other ongoing activities of the house (dinner, phone calls, TV, etc.). You can make this comfortable for them by adding a desk, a comfy chair, or even some inspirational posters to help channel their creativity and recognize that this is a space for work.

Stocking the Pantry

When the kids get home from school, you can bet they’ll be hungry! In order to keep the afternoons and evening running smoothly, make sure your pantry or snack drawer stays stocked with options for them to snack on and keep their energy up. Maybe some apples & peanut butter, pretzels, juice - healthy options that will keep them running so that they can focus on their work and make a significant dent before dinnertime. 

In-Home School Supplies

Help alleviate some of the stress your kids might feel by keeping your house equipped with school supplies that the kids can use for all their study needs. Notecards, notebook, pens and pencils – these are all tools that can ease the process of doing homework and dedicating study time when your kids get home from school. Ask your kids what their teachers have been talking about and as you get a sense for upcoming projects, you can stay prepared accordingly.

Implement a Routine

Most important of all, make sure you set a routine for the kids to follow coming into the new school year. Routine will keep them on-track with their schoolwork and it will also make things easier for the whole family by knowing what to expect on a daily basis. Set a schedule – snacktime and homework, dinner, night routines (bath, shower, etc.), reading a book, and bed. This will help the kids get in the swing of school season and feel comfortable and ready to take on the year.