While the nursery is technically the baby’s room, parents spend a lot of time there – rocking, nursing, singing, changing, playing, for the first year or two. When putting together your list of “Must-Haves” for the nursery, remember to make it a practical space that you’ll be comfortable in, and one that will be adaptable as your child grows.

The Crib. As the centerpiece of the room, this is one of your most important purchases. Before you choose a crib, think about having to buy multiple beds in the future. (i.e. Crib, then toddler bed, then twin.) Consider a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed and eventually a full-size bed headboard. 

Crib Sheets. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises having no bedding (i.e. bumpers or pillows) in the crib, so you’ll just be buying fitted crib sheets. If you can’t resist buying a bedding set to use later, you can use the quilt/comforter as a wall hanging until the baby is old enough.

A Glider/Rocker. You may think they’re old fashioned, but you’ll want a rocking chair. At 3 am, you’ll be glad to have someplace comfy to nurse. Go with something simple and classic that you won’t mind having around the house after baby grows up.

A Dresser. Save yourself some money and forego buying a changing table. Instead, invest in a medium-height dresser that can double as a changing table. The top drawer can store diapers & supplies.

Storage. Despite their deceptively small size, there never seems to be enough storage for all the baby’s odds and ends. Incorporate shelving, baskets and/or drawers to contain the chaos. Check out local crafts supply stores & discount stores for cheap and adaptable storage solutions.  

Decoration. It’s so easy to personalize your baby’s room today.  From appliques and murals, to monogramed toys and sibling artwork, you can create a nursery that’s original and interesting but not overly fussy.

A Monitor. Constant surveillance isn’t necessary, but if you’re sleeping, doing laundry or are otherwise out of earshot, a monitor of some kind can be a blessing.

A Night-Light. Get one that generates enough light so you can see to nurse or change diapers in the middle of the night, but not so much that it wakes up or stimulates your little one into thinking it’s time to play.

A White Noise Machine. White noise can have a calming effect on babies. Some white noise machines come with preset types of noises, or you can also just use your old boom box and purchase a few white noise CDs to put on repeat.