We open up upon the most desired bitter cold scene; snuggling in a cozy fleece blanket in front of a seemingly endless crackling fire whilst carefully sipping hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. While this may seem too good to be true, the only thing stopping you from experiencing that glorious heat is the knowledge of how to build the ferocious and flawless fire inside of your beautifully decorated mantle.


Step 1: Crumple up single sheets of newspaper to place underneath the grate in order to allow the fire to catch. Next place strips of newspaper in top of that pile.


Step 2: Lay kindling on top of the newspaper, but with space in between for air circulation.


Step 3: Loosely set thin, split logs on the very top of the existing pile and light away! But be sure to not become too anxious with the flames. While it is difficult, resisting the temptation to constantly feed and poke the fire gives will maintain the blistering flames rather than smother them.


Step 4: After the fire has naturally died down, be sure to let the ashes cool for at least a day before cleaning them out and depositing them into a flowerbed. Fun Flower and Fire Fact: ashes can be used as fertilizer as a great source of potassium and magnesium! 


Now if you have a gas fireplace, you have one job, turn it on, and then enjoy!


And remember, no fire is complete without an ornamented mantle, garnished with pictures of the family or antique clocks. With these newly developed fire-starter skills, we hope you enjoy roasting those delicious chestnuts by an OH so delightful fire amidst these frosty winter months. 

AuthorBob Taylor